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2021.11.17    2021年4/1~9/30的财务决算说明资料
2021.11.09    2021年4/1~9/30的财务结果报告
2021.11.09    notice of differences between half-year financial forecast andactual results, and revisions to full-year financial forecast and dividend forecast
2021.10.26    announcement regarding the application for the “prime market,” new market segment of the tokyo stock exchange
2021.10.14    年度报告:report for fiscal year ended march 31, 2021
2021.08.06    2021年4/1~6/30的财务结果报告
2021.06.25    notice of resolution of the 80th ordinary general meeting of shareholders
2021.06.10    2020年度财务决算说明资料的公布
2021.06.03    notice of convocation of the 80th ordinary general meeting of shareholders
2021.05.14    2020年度 (至2021年3月) 财务决算公布
2021.05.14    notice regarding differences between consolidated financial forecast and results pdf
2021.04.21    用于5g手机的超小型产品的生产设备能力增加的相关通知 pdf
2021.04.02    投资者关系记事 更新
2021.03.26    notice of personnel changes of directors and corporate officers pdf
2021.03.26    notification regarding revision of dividend forecast (no dividend) pdf
2021.02.05    2020年4/1~12/31的财务结果报告
2021.02.05    notice regarding revision of consolidated financial results forecasts pdf
2021.01.26    notice regarding the business termination of consolidated subsidiary due to structural reform and posting of other operating expenses pdf